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About Oaks Precision Fabricating

The Trusted Choice for Metal Fabrication Solutions

Oaks Precision Fabricating has been the trusted choice for companies nationwide seeking precision metal fabrication solutions. We are a premier full-service facility specializing in custom metal fabrication, boasting extensive expertise in sheet metal and a keen understanding of customer needs.

Our client base spans diverse industries including Aerospace, Military, Lighting, Oil and Gas, Medical, Transportation, Communication, and Electronics, all relying on our commitment to precision and quality in sheet metal fabrication. From shearing and punching to laser cutting, forming, rolling, machining, welding, and assembly, we deliver quality metal fabrication services tailored to meet your specifications. 

Since 1984, our enduring success has been fueled by innovation, development, and unmatched experience.

About Oaks Precision Fabricating


We conduct ourselves with integrity, expertise, and accountability in every aspect of our operations, ensuring the highest level of service and reliability for our clients.


Our commitment to quality drives us to consistently exceed industry benchmarks, continuously delivering precision products to exacting customer specifications.


Customer satisfaction is paramount, fueling our dedication to understanding and fulfilling our clients’ needs with exceptional service, communication, and results.

The Oaks Difference

We Operate at a Higher Standard

Oaks Precision Fabricating, Inc. champions a culture of excellence, prioritizing both customer satisfaction and adherence to the highest standards. Our quality assurance program is driven by our dedicated team, who approach each task with professionalism and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Through ongoing communication, training, and feedback from the shop floor and our quality department, we strive for a zero-defect environment.

We are committed to conducting our business with the utmost regard for health, safety, and environmental stewardship. We hold our business partners and associates to the same rigorous standards, fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability across all aspects of our operations.

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